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29 March 2005

Version 0.5 beta

Maybe it's time to make a changelog for versions?
Here you go - the last (and the best) version of tEABAG_3D CATPCHA for the moment

I know - site needs to be seriously updated. No time for this - three new CAPTCHA breaking on the way!

22 March 2005

More links

We found more link needed to be investifated more closely

What CAPTCHA is - one more exlanation

One more CAPTCHA - silly one

reCATPCHA project - nice try, but I bet we'll crack it!!!

captchas.net - free service with weak algorythm

Java library for CAPTCHA - need to see what's this

21 March 2005

Wow! 2 at one day!

We made one more verion today. Look here - tEABAG_3D v0.4
It seems to be much more readable!

New version released

New version of a tEABAG_3D, our main project are available to view. It seems to be more human-readable, but not ideal :)

It seems like idea with lines has no future.
We will continue work on polygonal version to develop a CAPTCHA which is realy hard to break :)

17 March 2005

A huge amount of links

We found many links to CAPTCHA-related resources. Going to post it here - just to know where to find all of it in future. So:

Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA
Greg Mori and Jitendra Malik found how to break Gimpy - very famous CAPTCHA, used on Yahoo

This guy is a real monster! He broke SomeBlogSite.com with a very good style! We was impressed!

PWNtcha - captcha decoder
Interesting CAPTCHA breaking project. It have already broke many CAPTCHAs

Results of one more breaking of Gimpy

Thees guys delepose two very silly CAPTCHAs
lol :)

Face recognition from MS invertigators :)
We think this alternative way will never be implemented

Wow! When I heard "3D" I thought they steal our idea. BUT! This is just jet another ugly idea like with faces

Someone's blog with many interesting links

Some XPoint forum threads (in Russian)

Thees guys are very silly to!
7 algorythmes!
(we will break 5 of 7 for one evening, I swear! Who will donate us for this? :)

15 March 2005

New versions are available :)

Some demos of tEABAG_3D - The Enhanced Anti-Bot Approvement Generator in 3D
available here

http://ocr-research.org.ua/3d/index.php?code=1982 - ver 0.1
http://ocr-research.org.ua/3dv2/index.php?code=1982 - ver 0.2

It seems like it's not too easy to read by human.... we are working on it... But it definately very hard to read by OCR.

14 March 2005

The very first version of our brand new CAPTCHA created!

We have (finally!) made the 0.1 version of a brand new 3d CAPTCHA system. It's made on PHP4+GD. It's time to generate a mighty name for it :)
We'll show you the sample after some minor changes.

Starting our blogging

We decided to make a blog to trace some minds and links...